90210: Heightened Security

On the original "90210" pop artists would perform on the stage at the Peach Pit After Dark. This made total sense because the venue was an extension of the beloved Peach Pit Diner and was run by music lover David Silver. In this current reboot of the show pop stars perform as part of Adriana's story line. So far this season we've seen Carly Rae Jepsen, Nelly Furtado and tonight, NeYo. I have to say, this just feels like product placement to me.

Speaking of product placement, what was Neil Lane doing on the show? I like him right where he is supposed to be, on "The Bachelor" franchise.

Did anyone notice the Just Jared blog mention? This entire episode felt like an advertisement.

This hour Naomi urges Max to find a replacement for Alec. When the wonder kid Bryce turns out to be a beautiful woman (Ashley from ABC Family's "Greek"), Naomi is horrified and appoints herself CEO. Eventually she caves and begs Bryce to take the position. We'll see if she tempts Max or perhaps another member of the group will start chasing her.

One of the most awkward scenes in the show's history aired tonight - Annie and Riley's official first date. I was squirming on the couch I was so uncomfortable. After he walks out on their dinner, then stands her up at the Hollywood Bowl, Annie arrives to find him in the pool with three bikini clad women. She slaps him, he pulls her into the pool, all is forgiven and they commence a make out session a la Kelly and Dylan in the pool all those years ago.

The oddest story line award goes to Liam. Tonight he receives a mystery message about Vanessa's disappearance (very A from "Pretty Little Liars"), then he punches a photographer and finally, the studio hires him a female security guard. At the close of the episode we see her getting a tattoo of Liam's face on her back. Creepy! Especially since she just installed security cameras at Liam's house. I have no idea who this woman is, but I think she's going to go postal.

In previews for next week we learned that it will be the show's 100th episode. To celebrate Denise Richards will make a cameo, Adriana and Taylor's latest make out session is caught on tape and Naomi strips. Just another day in Beverly Hills.

*Images courtesy of CWTV.


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