Dining Out: All Star Pizza Bar

I am a long time fan of brothers Kosta and Johnny Diamantopoulos who are the co-owners of the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square in Cambridge. As my regular readers know, I used to live in Inman Square and frequent the neighborhood a lot.

After much success at All Star Sandwich Bar, the brothers decided to expand their business right across the street with a sister restaurant, All Star Pizza Bar. In the photo below you can see All Star Sandwich Bar on the right (yellow sign) and All Star Pizza Bar on the opposite corner on the left (purple sign).

I had been wanting to check out the pizza joint since it opened, but I just couldn't get across the river. Finally last weekend I made the trek!

The All Star Pizza Bar has a simple sign above the front door with a picture of a slice of pizza over a globe. Pizza domination?

The purple theme continues on the inside of the shop with the wall color. Hanging from those walls are the chalkboard menus (you know I love them!).

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful, industrial light fixtures illuminating the pizza offerings.

Once you make a decision, you place your order at the star studded counter. This mural makes me want to sing the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic."

While you wait for your order, grab a seat at one of the two wooden picnic tables up against the front windows. This is a prime people watching spot! There are also two high top tables along the opposite wall which also have great views.

I went with a friend who is also an All Star fan and we both know they make the best lemonade. She ordered the classic and I ordered the Arnold Palmer. They did not disappoint! Our drinks were exactly the right ratio of tart to sweet.

My friend and I both placed the exact same order - one slice of cheese and one slice of the "Funky" special. The cheese slice was huge!

Look at that perfect bite hanging off the edge of the plate just waiting for me to devour it!

The "Funky" on the day we went was spinach, broccoli, asparagus and sun-dried tomato cream. This veggie explosion was delicious! It was the ideal amount of cheese, green veggies and juicy, flavor packed tomatoes.

Look at that masterpiece!

Overall, I was really pleased with the All Star Pizza Bar. I was pumped to discover they are serving up the All Star signature lemonade and both of the slices I had were great. I also liked the laid back feel of the shop and I have to admit, the guy working the counter the night we went was adorable.

Though I ordered slices this time, I do really want to go back and sample the signature pies. Take a look at the tantalizing options on the menu.

Have you been to the All Star Pizza Bar? Which signature pie should be my first?


I still haven't been! Those pizza slices look drool-worthy!

Those pizzas looks so yummy..

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