Sugar Fix: Abbott's Frozen Custard

This seems to be the summer of frozen treat discoveries! Though it opened in Brighton Center about a year ago, tonight I went to Abbott's Frozen Custard for the first time.

Abbott's was founded in 1902 as a frozen treat served at carnivals. In 1926 Abbott's opened their first store front in Rochester, NY. The frozen custard enterprise was so successful that in 1952 the founder, Arthur Abbott, was able to purchase a race horse who wound up winning the Preakness Stakes! The company's history is actually quite interesting. Read all about it here.

The Abbott's in Brighton Center is at the intersection of Washington Street and Market Street. When we walked in tonight around 8:45pm, the line was about ten people deep.

In a nod to their city of origin, Abbott's has pennants hanging on the walls from the University of Rochester and RIT.

While in line my eyes wandered to the specialty items case. There were pies, individual size pies, ice cream sandwiches and more.

On the bottom shelf there was a tray of chocolate covered bananas dusted with rainbow sprinkles.

Their were also ice cream turtles (like a chocolate turtle, but with layers of ice cream in between) and a tray of chipwiches which Abbott's calls chip wheels.

As I got closer to the counter I noticed the giant glass jars of candy lining the far right side. These are purely decorative, but they sure do get you in the mood to indulge!

Abbott's has about fifteen frozen custard flavors including a few "lite" options and one frozen yogurt option. 

After much deliberation I ordered the chocolate almond frozen custard with chocolate sprinkles. I love the Brigham's flavor mocha almond and I hoped this would taste similarly.

This flavor was so delicious! The chocolate tasted velvety and rich and the almonds added a nice crunch. I wasn't sure if I would like frozen custard, but I really enjoyed it. It tasted a bit like frozen Jell-o pudding.

In the four and a half years I've lived in Brighton, I've always been loyal to 3 Scoops on Washington Street. In the past year, the shop got a new owner and it's just not the same. The ice cream is more expensive, the portions are smaller and the flavor selection is limited. After tasting Abbott's tonight, I officially have a new number one spot.

Have you ever tried frozen custard?


Ha, that's totally what the past year has been for me, discovering frozen treats. I have passed by Abbott's so many times. After having amazing custard at chilly cow, i really want to try abbott's. By the way, I really love both that you include the history of a place (this one's interesting!) as well as a really good overview of the physical space. I love being able to know what the shop looks like and all the things available. Like I totally want a chip weel now.


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