Gossip Girl: Bart's Back

Before I get into my opinions about tonight's episode, I have to share the most exciting surprise! When I came home from work today my monthly Birchbox was waiting for me on the porch. For those who are not familiar with Birchbox, read my ode to the monthly beauty gift box here.

When I opened this month's package, I discovered that it is Gossip Girl themed! Check out the sleeve on the box!

In addition to all the beauty products, they also included an "XOXO" note card with a hot pink envelope! This is without a doubt, my best Birchbox yet!

On to tonight's episode! Bart Bass admits to Chuck that he faked his own death to escape threats from a competitor. Diana helped Bart stay in hiding and also helped him re-emerge after Chuck's accident. Apparently Bart provided the blood for Chuck's transfusion.

Just as Chuck is beginning to piece everything together, Bart has him escorted out by two body guards. Cold!

Over in Brooklyn, Alessandra calls to ask Dan to reconsider Rome. Blair realizes Dan lied about why he isn't going to Italy. When he got out of the shower I couldn't even focus on what he was saying because his post-shower hair was so distracting! What an unkempt mess! Ick!

Later while confiding in Serena, Blair says her best line of the night, "The most important thing in a relationship is trust. After sex and hygiene and earning potential." Ha!

In that same conversation Serena admits to the Blair that she was acting as Gossip Girl for the last several months. To make it up to Blair, Serena offers to run her errands for the day. Serena uses the word contrition, which she so clearly does not know. Dear writers, Serena is not the smart one. Remember that. 

The entire gang huddles together to try and take down Bart's competitor, Mason Nevins, and somehow Lola decides to bring Ivy back into the mix. No! Why won't Ivy disappear once and for all?

While Blair helps Ivy and Lola set up for their part of the scheme she asserts her authority and quips, "Do you think this is the first time I've entrapped someone with prostitutes?" Oh, how I love this show!

I have to admit, the black and red dresses Lola and Ivy were wearing were super hot. I'd like one for myself!

Toward the end of the episode we discover that Chuck's private investigator, Andrew, has flipped sides and has been working against Bart and Chuck since before Bart's car accident. I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. Now that Bart is seemingly back, I can't wait to see how Lily reacts to his return.

In the closing scene of the episode Gossip Girl shares a page from Blair's diary and implies she gained access to it from Serena. Oh boy. Here we go again.

In previews for next week it's Serena vs. Blair, a frenemy battle to the death. Also, it looks like Blair's Harry Winston engagement ring is back! I gasp every time I see that ring.

Do you think Blair is headed back to Chuck? Or will she fly off to Rome with Dan?

*Show images courtesy of CWTV.com.


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