Grey's Anatomy: The Boards

It's a double dose of Grey's recaps this week!

Last week:

The episode opens in the airport with Zola holding a pink balloon, waiting for Meredith to land. I'm sorry, but she is simply the cutest toddler I have ever seen.

The show centers around our gang interviewing for their next positions, likely outside of Seattle Grace. Kepner travels with color coded binders, Avery gets asked about his famous grandfather, Karev is sought after for his fundraising abilities and Cristina is being wined and dined and showered in gift baskets.

Back at the hospital a teenage girl is admitted to the ER who was the center of a police investigation (she is played by Luke's daughter from "Gilmore Girls"). She was abducted at age six and held captive in a man's basement. When the patient, Holly, finally details to Meredith what he life was like in that house my heart was breaking. I literally gasped when she revealed that she'd had a baby.

For some reason Holly becomes very attached to Meredith and the other residents tease Meredith about it to which she responds, "Can I help it if she imprinted on me?" A Twilight reference!

Bailey is very emotional about Holly's case and when she goes to pick up her son Tuck at the hospital's day care center he isn't there. She immediately loses it and insists the day care declare an emergency. A few seconds later Tuck appears and it turns out her was at the nurse with a bloody nose. Phew! I was actually getting nervous.

When it is finally time for Holly to get released Owen leads a team meeting reviewing the status of all of her conditions. When each department agrees she's in great shape, everyone claps for Owen as a way to thank him for his leadership on the case. The camera pans back and look at that  - even Cristina is clapping! Is this foreshadowing a reconciliation?

Outside of the hospital the chief has been visiting Adele at her nursing home and has discovered she is falling for another patient. In fact, he even walks in on them naked in Adele's room! I was not expecting that! Poor, chief. This is so upsetting.

At the close of the episode Meredith is seated at an interview with Brigham & Women's hospital in Boston and when they ask how serious she is about the position she says, "Oh, I'm very serious." Would the show ever really send Meredith, Derek and Zola to Boston?

In the previews we see flashes of Kepner kissing Avery, then punching a stranger, then sleeping with Avery? This is going to be good!

This week:

This week our gang is off to take their boards in San Francisco. As they board the bus to the airport Bailey watches them and says, "They started out with so little promise." I laughed out loud and couldn't help but remember those episodes in season one where the crew hung out in the basement to avoid Bailey.

Once the gang lands in San Francisco they are surprised to see Jackson's mother is there! She offers Jackson his lucky pencil which is cute and patronizing all at the same time. A few moments later the chief also arrives in town and Avery's mother is back to her flirtatious tricks.

After a meal together, the chief gives in to her advances and sleeps with her! I suppose after walking in on Adele with another man he feels he has the freedom to do the same. I couldn't help but laugh when Avery knocked on his mother's hotel room door and the chief answered in the hotel robe.

This hour Dr. Kepner got a strange case of 'roid rage and punched a competitor in a bar. She even screamed, "Yeah, bitch! Wanna go?" I have to say, this is so inconsistent with her character that it was a bit hard to believe.

A little less hard to believe was her kissing Jackson! That kissing outside her hotel room door turns into more and with her permission, Jackson becomes her first.

The next morning when Jackson and Kepner arrive at the boards, Kepner won't even look at him. He tries to coax her into saying something, anything, and then she blurts out, "I was a virgin because I love Jesus and now Jesus hates me." Oh boy.

Kepner gets called into her boards first (hopefully she can keep it together), followed by Jackson. When Jackson stands up he drops and then breaks his lucky pencil. Bad omen?

While in San Francisco Meredith gets violently ill with the same stomach bug Zola caught at day care. Cristina arrives to Meredith's hotel room wearing a mask, with yellow gatorade (the only acceptable flavor in my opinion) and an IV bag full of fluids. Oh, to be a doctor.

The scenes where Meredith and Cristina are talking through the hotel door reminded me of their relationship in the early seasons when they were "dark and twisty." Shonda has really nailed the symbiotic nature of their friendship.

When Meredith asks Cristina is she would really consider transferring to Columbia in New York Cristina answers, "There are phones you know." To which Meredith replies, "Oh, you hate the phone!" Cristina agrees, "You're right. I do." I loved this little best friend moment.

Karev, the final person in the group, misses the boards all together because he goes back to Seattle to help Morgan say goodbye to her baby. I wonder if Morgan's character is staying on? Another tortured girlfriend for Karev?

There were two major developments back at the hospital: first, Bailey lays into Teddy about her treatment of Owen. She gives a fierce monologue about Teddy blaming Owen for Henry's death and refusing to be his friend and how she can't expect him to be kind to her when she makes him carry that burden. We'll see next week if that sunk in.

Lastly, Sloan hangs out with Lexie while Jackson is away and says he misses working with her. He also says he thinks she and Jackson were a great couple and they should try to work it out. Ouch!

In the previews for next week there is a new character played by Mr. Feeny from "Boy Meets World." I bet he delivers the news on who based their boards. The preview also shows Avery's mom telling the chief, "One of your Seattle Grace doctors didn't pass."

Who do you think is the weakest link? Did Jackson snap like his pencil? Did Kepner break down about Jesus? Did Meredith vomit on her proctor? Did Karev really miss his appointment? I'm dying to hear your guesses!

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