Dining Out: Madison & Vine

After our last work day in New York City last week we decided to toast to a job well done at a bar we had seen across the street from our hotel.

Our interest was piqued on our first day in the city when we walked toward the subway and spotted this restaurant which was bustling with people at both the bar and their outdoor tables.

The restaurant is called Madison & Vine and it is part of the Library Hotel on 41st Street (between Park and Madison).

As we approached the front door I noticed their chalkboard special which for Manhattan, is actually a great deal. 

As soon as we walked in I noticed the Gothic style bar. I really loved the presentation of the wine bottles.

When we arrived it was still early by New York City standards (6:00pm) so we had no trouble at all getting a table right in the front window.

We had a great people watching view, accented by a giant white pot of spring flowers.

Each of us were delivered a multitude of menus. Though we knew we only wanted drinks, the food menus were extremely tempting!

Especially the bar menu which was propped up, staring us right in the face.

When our waiter came over to greet us he mentioned that we had arrived just in time to take advantage of the happy hour special. If you order any bottle of wine, you receive a complimentary cheese plate. This seemed like a no brainer, so we quickly placed our order for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

The bottle arrived and we each received a full glass which we happily clinked in honor of a successful week.

We were still taking our first sips when this glorious cheese plate arrived:

I have ordered many a cheese plate and even the ones that cost $40 can be skimpy. However, this cheese plate, which was free, was superb!

We received five kinds of cheese (brie, blue cheese, roquefort, smoked gouda and pecorino), two types of crostini, red grapes, green apple slices, fig jam and apricot jam. Can I get a round of applause for Madison & Vine?

If you work in the city and you are ever able to leave your desk before 6:00pm, you must take advantage of this amazing special!

Have you discovered any great restaurant or bar deals lately?


I know I've heard of this place. That's an awesome deal!

I love that they have a free cheese plate!

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