Dining Out: Dos Caminos

The first time I went to Dos Caminos was my senior year of college. One of my high school friends was a theater major at NYU and he was starring in their production of "Into the Woods." After the show we went to Dos Caminos to celebrate his stellar performance. This was before the blog existed (gasp!) so when I re-visited the restaurant last week with my co-workers, I wanted to be sure to capture it.

Dos Caminos has multiple locations in New York City, but we selected the one at 50th and 3rd. The weather was gorgeous and when we arrived at 7:30pm the patio was packed.

We were meeting a friend for drinks before the rest of our team arrived so we saddled up to the bar. I loved the chalk board with all of the specials and the gorgeous, colored tiles on the ceiling.

From me seat I could see into one of the many dining areas and I was hypnotized by the beauty of two light fixtures. How stunning are these chandeliers?

The bartender came over to ask what we'd like to drink and we decided on a mojito and the mango cucumber margarita.

The mojito was light and super refreshing. Over the course of the night, many rounds of this drink were ordered.

My mango cucumber margarita had the freshness of the mango, but also had a salad-like taste from the cucumber which kind of ruined it for me. I wouldn't order this one again.

Once our table was ready the hostess walked us downstairs to be seated. The lower level has its own DJ! All night long he was spinning top 40 hits and we couldn't help but dance and sing in our seats.

The downstairs room is illuminated by warm pink and orange lights. I hate this word, but that room is sexy.

While we looked over the menus our waiter brought us a huge basket of yellow corn chips and a trio of salsas. There was a mild green salsa, a medium red salsa and spicy orange colored salsa. A very generous starter!

It took us about ten seconds to agree to order guacamole. The guacamole can be prepared as mild, medium or spicy and we selected medium. I still think the best guacamole is at Papagayo in South Boston, but this was a close second.

We also ordered the queso fundido. It arrived in a square, cast iron pan and was crisped on the top like a creme brulee. This queso was similar to the one I had at the Painted Burro in Davis Square. I know it's not classy, but I keep wishing for the soupy, dip kind.

By the time we finished our chips, guacamole and queso we were already pretty stuffed, but when in Rome!

There were seven of us at the table, but I just photographed my meal and the co-worker sitting next to me, since four people ordered the exact same dish - tacos!

I went with the veggie tacos and I was incredibly disappointed. 

In fact, I only ate one of the three tacos. The reason for my disappointment? The taco was stuffed with unlikely vegetables like broccoli and was skimpy on the cheese, which in a veggie taco is the one source of protein.

Those who ordered the fish and steak tacos were very pleased, so if you visit Dos Caminos, those varieties are safe to order.

The co-worker with the best dish had ordered the chicken enchiladas. It came with two sauces, a mole and a green, tomatillo sauce. She absolutely raved about the dish, making happy noises with every single bite.

Our waiter brought Mexican rice and black beans for the table and both were delicious.

To me, Dos Caminos is to New York City what Legal Seafood is to Boston. The locals never go, but the tourists are fascinated. Have you ever been to Dos Caminos? What was your experience?

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