Dining Out: The Brahmin

Stanhope Street is one of those secret streets in Boston. Tucked away between Stuart Street and Columbus Ave, you might not even notice it if you weren't really looking. The street is situated in a part of Boston where Back Bay melds into the South End. This unexpected location is where you'll find the Brahmin.

Though the name Brahmin connotes elegance and class, I was skeptical about giving this place a whirl given the clientele of the bar that used to occupy this space - 33 Restaurant & Lounge. Like your mother always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all," so I'll leave it at that.

When my friends and I approached the Brahmin I noticed the front door immediately. I really appreciate when restaurants have unique and different design elements. My skepticism was beginning to thaw.

When we opened the door and walked in, I could not believe how beautiful the restaurant was. From the hostess stand and you are looking straight down into a stairwell that leads to the coat check and the bathrooms, but on either side of the stairs are couches, booths and a bar that runs the entire length of the space.

The chandelier hanging over the stairs was stunning.

As the hostess walked us to our table, my skepticism returned. The type of people that were hanging out at the bar were exactly the type of people I was hoping to avoid. Thankfully we were going to be seated for our meal, so I was hoping we wouldn't be bothered.

Once seated I noticed more of the design details. The walls of the Brahmin are exposed brick, which I absolutely love.

The booths are black leather and the walls are accented with black shadow boxes (and TVs of course).

The very back, short wall of the restaurant has two person, high top tables which looked perfect for a date night.

The ceiling of the space was the most incredible. It's curved wood that looks like the inside of a boat. The Brahmin is worth a trip just to check out the design.

Our bubbly, blond waitress appeared to deliver us menus. We were in a drinking mood so we focused on cocktails.

We each ordered a different item from the list, starting with the blue cheese stuffed olive martini. I don't usually order martinis, but boy did this look good!

Next up was the cucumber and vanilla cosmo which looked like something you might sip in a hot tub at a spa.

The summer tea cocktail came in a mason jar! What an adorable presentation.

I decided on the strawberry patch which was vodka and riesling, mixed with muddled strawberries and lemon. Mmm mm mmm, was that good!

The Brahmin's food menu is mostly small plates meant for sharing, which was perfect for the four of us. We decided to order one round and then if we needed more, we'd get more.

The first item to arrive was the tomato, mozzarella and watermelon salad. This salad was mostly tomatoes, but if you got a bite with all three elements, it was very refreshing.

Two of the girls split the tuna two ways (tuna with melon and tuna tartare), which came in a delicate, Top Chef-like presentation. They felt the portion size was too small, but enjoyed each bite.

Next up - the fried pickles! Though we all agreed these weren't the greatest, the sweet red pepper dipping sauce that came with them was amazing, so we kept eating them just so we could keep dipping.

Our fourth choice was the arancini with truffle infused honey. I love arancini, it's one of my go-to items and these did not disappoint! Perfectly crispy on the outside, hot and cheesy on the inside and with exactly the right hint of truffle and honey.

For round two we switched to wine and decided to order a bit more substantial fare. First up - the truffle mac & cheese. Yup, we went there.

The mac & cheese had a breadcrumb topping, baked to an ideal level of browning and was garnished with freshly chopped scallions.

The pasta itself was swimming in piping hot cheese. Everyone gave this dish an enthusiastic thumbs up.

We also ordered the four cheese flatbread pizza which came on a great, crunchy crust and was garnished with juicy, oven roasted tomatoes. This is a pizza I will come back for.

Our last item was the tater tots. They tasted just like elementary school but came with suped up sauces - truffle ketchup, garlic aioli and a grainy mustard. We popped these like candy.

At this point we were beyond full. Our meal was so delicious and after two rounds of drinks, we were ready to float home. When our waitress brought the check it was in a sophisticated box. Again, a cool, different touch.

Our reservation was for 7:00pm and somewhere around the 9:00pm hour the Brahmin started to feel like a club. The bar got more crowded, the music got louder and even the people eating dinner seemed to be bobbing their heads. We all agreed as the night went on, we were digging the atmosphere more and more.

The Brahmin had fun drinks, surprisingly great food and a celebratory atmosphere. If you're looking for a spot for girls night out or a location to toast to a birthday or a new job, this is it.


when i was there we ate on the patio, I want to go back and sit inside. your descriptions of the space are amazing! glad you had a good meal.

I had the opportunity to check out the Brahmin some time last year, but for some reason the place and the menu did not thrill me. That mac and cheese looks fantastic though.

What was so off putting about the clientele? Or potential clientele? New to Boston, so Im not sure what the place's rep was.


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