Sugar Fix: Levain Bakery

My second to last day in New York City I headed up to the Upper West Side to stay with a friend who just relocated to New York in August. She was so excited to show me around her neighborhood.

It was a very chilly day so we bundled up and headed out to explore. The first stop on her neighborhood tour was Levain Bakery. She said, "How do you feel about paying $4 for a cookie?" I was intrigued.

We opened the door to Levain and walked down a flight of stairs into the basement. Levain has a counter and a very small seating area with two narrow counters and two stools at each.

The line was four people deep so I anxiously bopped from side to side trying to peer around people to get a peek at the goods.

When I got to the counter I saw rolls, scones and of course, Levain's four signature cookies!

The flavors are chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and dark chocolate peanutbutter chip.

I decided on the chocolate chip walnut cookie. The man behind the counter turned around, took a cookie out of the oven and then put it into a bag for me.

I walked that bag right to the counter and opened it! Look at the size of this cookie!

I bent the cookie in half and the chocolate chips were melting all over my fingers!

The cookie is lightly crisped on the outside, but super warm and doughy on the inside. I love doughy, bendy cookies.

After my photography, I put the cookie back in the bag so we could walk and nosh.

If you're a cookie person, make time to stop at Levain. Worth every one of those 400 pennies.


There's nothing better than a warm, gooey, chocolatey cookie!

I'm so, so, so happy to finally meet you in person last night!! I am definitely going to Levain next time I'm in NYC :)

I went to Levain with my mom years ago when they first opened. It's definitely fun and unique, but I'm not actually into super doughy cookies. I also go to the UWS maybe once every two years. I would be curious to try one again though.

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