Grey's Anatomy: Extraordinary Measures

Tonight, after a seven week hiatus, Grey's Anatomy returned and we picked up right where we left off - Teddy operating, Owen hiding Henry's death and Alex and Meredith on the side of the road in the lightening storm.

Let's begin with Teddy. In the operating room, Teddy is having trouble repairing the heart of Callie's ortho patient. Owen has lied to her and told her Henry is fine so that she can continue working and save the patient. Then, in a horrible twist, Teddy asks for Cristina to help her, assuming Cristina will be riding high after saving Henry. I really loved how human Cristina was this episode. She rarely breaks down, but when she does, I find her so much more likable.

The scene where Cristina finally does tell Teddy the truth was much tamer than I thought it would be. I thought Teddy might lash out and say something like, "You're the best! How could you not handle this?" I was really surprised she was so calm.

The scene where Teddy peels back the sheet from Henry's face was incredibly hard to watch. I am really going to miss Scott Foley.

On the side of the road Alex and Meredith manage to keep the baby alive and transport an entire family to the ER. Then we have to watch a young, 18 year old woman lose her grandmother, her mother and her father and then tell her two younger siblings. This entire story line had my eyes welling with every scene. I cannot imagine watching my family fall apart like that. I literally cannot even go there in my mind.

On the positive side of things this episode, Bailey and Ben seem to be reconnecting. I always liked him and I hope this does happen!

Another wonderful development, Mark's girlfriend is beautiful, smart and apparently one hell of a surgeon! I loved when she asked Lexi afterward if she seemed nervous. It seems no matter how successful you are, impressing a new love interest makes everyone and anyone anxious. I loved when Lexi said, "Damn it, now I like her!"

And finally, in the very last moment of the episode, Meredith and Derek get Zola back! I must admit, I did not see that coming. Especially when Derek had just said, "We'll be ok, just the two of us."

I hope there is a humorous episode coming up about the trials of parenthood. I miss funny Grey's!

In the previews for next week's episode the entire hospital is a buzz as the team prepares to separate conjoined twins. Something tells me we'll be on pins and needles the entire hour.

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it was good to have Grey's back last night and of course, to have your recap to look forward to today!

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