Dining Out: Cafe Delectica

My New York dining adventures continue! On Monday morning of my trip (MLK Day) my hostess wanted to take me to an Israeli cafe a few blocks up from her apartment. She raved about their traditional Israeli breakfast and the European cafe vibe.

We arrived at Cafe Delectica and as we walked down the steps toward the entry way, look who greeted us! Too cute!

Cafe Delectica has very Parisian looking tables and chairs and a large counter displaying basket after basket of drool worthy goods.

A sample of what's behind the glass counter:

We stood staring at the menus above the register for a at least five minutes before deciding to split two breakfast options.

Our first choice was a breakfast sandwich with egg whites, tomato, avocado and chipotle mayo on multigrain bread.

The tomato was fresh and juicy, the avocado was creamy and buttery, the egg whites were nice and hot and the chipotle added an awesome kick to every bite.

The multigrain bread was toasted, hearty and delicious. My friend said, "I love how seedy and nutty this is - great for bread, not for people." Ha!

Our second plate was the traditional Israeli breakfast which came with an omelette, slices of cheese, a ball of cream cheese, a whole avocado and Israeli salad.

The plate also came with a side of bread basket. Yes, an entire bread basket.

We spent the next half hour spreading egg, cheese, cream cheese, avocado and Israeli salad across pieces of this fantastic bread. My friend said, "This tastes just like Israel!"

The nice thing about Cafe Delectica is that they don't rush you. You can read the Sunday New York Times, respond to email on your laptop, browse the web on your iPad or just hang with family and friends and no matter how long you sit, they're cool with it. Just one caveat, they don't have a bathroom, so if you drink too much coffee or tea, you're out of luck!

On a side note, while dining we spotted one of the most beautiful twentysomething man I've ever seen in real life. He was fashionable dressed (well fitting, not trendy), drinking from a metal water bottle, eating yogurt and granola and reading the New York Times and TIME magazine, both of which he brought with him. Ladies, I have a feeling this could be a good watering hole!

If you can't hop a flight to Tel Aviv, enjoy a taste of Israel at 38th Street and 3rd Avenue.


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