90210: Framed

Tonight's episode of 90210 was a bit of a snooze. Dixon is panicked about the Kappa house fire and Austin reassures him, "No one got hurt, they lost a couple of Ryan Gosling posters!" Um, Austin, to some people, that is a major loss.

After taking shelter with Dixon and Austin, Bree calls the cops with a tip about Dixon and the fire. Annie is about to come clean and take the fall when Austin offers to turn himself in. I did not see that coming!

Last, Navid told Adriana about Silver and Maisy. Navid is becoming less and less likable with every episode.

Adriana decides to pretend to be Silver and picks up Maisy from daycare. Adriana, you are back aboard the crazy train! Now you will really never be in Maisy's life.

I have no idea why Silver decides to stick up for Adriana with Greg, but obviously he freaks out and dumps Silver on the spot.

This photo of Liam is circulating around the internet from next week's episode:

What the heck could this be? Is Liam's agent making him do appearances now?

See you next week to find out!

*Image courtesy of CW.com.

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