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Growing up, my parents always used to throw a big Hannukah party for all of our family and friends during the holiday season. When my parents and sister moved to Miami in 2005 I found myself stranded on Christmas without my nuclear family unit to go to the movies with and gorge on Chinese food.

Upon hearing of my holiday orphan status, my aunt invited me to join her and her family for Christmas. My aunt is married to my wonderful uncle who is Irish Catholic and one of twelve siblings. Needless to say, Christmas is a big deal in their family. Having never celebrated Christmas, I was looking forward to participating in their traditions.

Now, many years later, we've developed some new holiday traditions together, one of which is Secret Santa. As our original group for Christmas grew to include spouses, fiances and babies, we decided this was the best way to still give someone a wonderful gift without going bankrupt buying for the whole group.

This year, I picked my cousin's wife for the third year in a row (lucky her!). I had such a blast shopping for her, but I had absolutely no idea who picked me. On Christmas Eve when we assembled for the big reveal, I was stunned to learn my cousin's husband had picked me! Last year he got my uncle a Flip cam, so I was feel pretty stoked that he drew my name.

I was handed a beautifully wrapped present that started with a tulle, green bow, followed by red wrapping paper, followed by a gift tin and inside the tin - a six month subscription to something called Birchbox.

I had never heard of Birchbox, so I had to read the fine print! Apparently Birchbox is a beauty club and each month you receive a box of five samples! My oh-so-generous Secret Santa had gifted me six months of this!

On the Monday after Christmas I got an email from Birchbox asking me to fill out my beauty profile. I answered all kinds of questions about how much time I spend getting ready, the color and texture of my hair, skin color and type, fragrance preferences, make up preferences and more.

After filling out the profile I was so excited that I tweeted Birchox (@birchbox) and they wrote back right away to say, "Welcome to the beauty club!" Very good customer service!

Today when I got home from the gym what did I spy with my little eye? A hot pink Birchbox!

I ran up the stairs and into my apartment and immediately texted my Secret Santa with a photo of the box and proclaimed, "It's here!"

I carefully cut open the box which revealed another box with a hot pink sleeve:

I slipped off the sleeve which had another message hidden beneath it, "Discover beauty better."

I lifted off the card and opened the brown box. There was yet another layer! The contents of the box were enveloped by white tissue paper and had atop them a card from the Birchbox team welcoming me to the club.

I peeled back the white tissue paper and low and behold, the contents of my first Birchbox!

The first item was a vile of perfume called Yogini which has a tag line that reads "The scent of liberation." Who doesn't need some liberation in there life?

Next was a travel size lotion from VMV Hypoallergenics that says on the bottle "an all over gently exfoliating lotion." If my face or hands seem to be glowing the next time you see me, it's probably because of this new treat.

The third gift in the box was wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and garnished with a silver bow.

Inside were three more items! First, a packet of EBOOST, a daily health booster that you mix in with water. Second, a mini bottle of ZOYA nail polish in a periwinkle color (I know this because it's the exact color of a bridesmaid dress I was once forced to wear). Third, a mini, Jouer, hot pink lip gloss! I can't wait to wear this lip color! It's so sassy!

Needless to say, Secret Santa, you nailed it! I am in love with every item in my first Birchbox and I feel like the luckiest glam girl in the world that I have five more months of this!

Have you ever tried Birchbox?


One of my buddies down south just posted about Birchbox - looks like I'll have something new to try! So happy you love it!

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