Grey's Anatomy: Serious Voice

Though not a whole lot happened on Grey's Anatomy tonight, I found myself really engrossed and invested in this episode.

Let's start with Dr. Kepner. I absolutely loved her lowering her voice to command more respect from her fellow residents and I give her a standing ovation for her speech at Joe's bar. That's right, girl! You tell 'em!

I laughed when Meredith used the same stern tone of voice with Dr. Bailey to convince her to really read Meredith's trial research. I am not sure why, but Dr. Bailey seems to be the only person who hasn't forgiven Meredith for tampering with Derek's trial. I think there is something more going on there and I'd really like to know what the actual root of the problem is.

This episode Meredith is working in the OB/GYN department. Apparently those doctors wear pink scrubs instead of the blue scrubs the general surgeons wear. I loved when Cristina said to her, "wearing the vagina squad scrubs in public is . . . it's . . . we have standards Meredith!"

I liked the dynamic this week between Meredith and Lexi as Meredith tried to stay out of Derek's way and Lexi tried to please him. Best line, Lexi to Mer, "So what, now you're using me? I'm your tumor mule?"

Speaking of the brain tumor story line, how heart wrenching was that? When Derek walked out of surgery and towards the husband I could have sworn he was going to say she didn't make it. I was physically bracing myself against a throw pillow.

On a lighter note, it was fun to watch the Dr. Webber sneak around and try to get information about the trial. Equally funny was Owen and Cristina's racy texts. Of course it's sad they can't have an actual conversation, but hey, I'll take the fooling around. Or headstands, as the case may be.

A "bravo" to Callie for her rant at the end of the hour! When she imitated Mark talking about his foodie triumphs I laughed out loud. Great writing.

Before we adjourn, can I just ask, when is Alex going to have a single redeeming moment? Just one moment of humanity? It's time.

In previews for next week it seems the whole hour is centered around the word "risk." It also seems Meredith and Dr. Bailey are going to have a brawl. Bring it on!

You can also expect to see two new faces in coming episodes. According to TV Guide, True Blood actress Vedette Lim is going to join the cast as a rival for Alex and according to TV Line, Holley Fain, most recently seen on Gossip Girl, is going to arrive as a new love interest for Mark. Can't wait!


this was definitely a funny episode; low voices, racy texts and all!

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