Grey's Anatomy: Men At Work

Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy was narrated by the men, which shock of shocks, I loved. For me, the outstanding performance of the night goes to Dr. Webber. Not only was he taking gentle care of his deteriorating wife, but he lent a hand to all the residents and attendings. When he asked the scrub nurse if she still had his playlist, I just about died of laughter. I was equally amused when he screamed at Karev, "Those grapes are not for snacking!"

I adored the Ben/Eli story line. Of course Dr. Bailey would cause a war between men. The fact that Ben couldn't get the conference room reference out of his mind was hilarious and so true to real life.

I enjoyed watching Dr. Hunt try to navigate his new role as chief. After feeling cooped up in his office, he released the tension by punching a patient. Nice.

Lastly, bravo to the writers for making Derek's dream house the place where male frustration goes to die. It was hysterical to watch man after man join him at the house and just hammer away at that deck.

While the females got very little attention this episode (minus a comic book geek having a tremendous crush on Kepner) baby Sofia stole the show on behalf of the ladies! How cute is that baby? I cannot get over it. I just want to pinch her!

Previews for next week look incredibly intense. Season 8 is really bringing its A game!

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My favorite scene was at the end when Mark was yelling at Derek for stealing Avery from him and kept yelling at Avery to get in the car, as if this was a teen movie and two guys were fighting over a girl. Hysterical.

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