Gossip Girl: Day Of Atonement

This week's episode of Gossip Girl was a bit of a hodge podge. It's supposed to be Yom Kippur on the Upper East Side (two weeks too late) and Blair kicks off the day of atonement by telling her and Louis' families that she is pregnant. Eleanor responds to this news by saying, "I don't think I'm going to make it to sundown without eating." Ha!

While telling their families of their baby news, Blair is dressed in pair of brown, high waisted pants. If I were pregnant, that is the absolute last thing I would wear! Ick.

This hour Serena tries to convince Dan to give his book's movie rights to her boss, Jane. When things go awry Jane calls Dan "F. Scott Fitz-jackass." Nice.

Also this hour Charlie/Ivy tries to prove herself to Diana. She manages to get Nate to help her into the Van Der Woodsen family safe and then swipes all the top secret info. Stupid Nate actually thought she'd feel remorse and put the folders back.

Diana seemed particularly interested in the information in the safe about Bart. In fact, she removed a photo from the folder and burned it. Do you think that was a photo of her?

This episode Chuck meets a therapist at the dog park (I still can't believe they are having him keep that mutt) and it turns out she is Jewish. Now Chuck is into Jewish girls? Finally our day has come!

Interestingly, at the close of the episode Louis finds Blair's paternity test and then calls this same therapist to request an appointment. Huh?

In previews for next week's episode Blair puts her bridesmaid through army-like drills. That's the Queen B we know and love.

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