Grey's Anatomy: Season 8 Premiere

After a summer hiatus that felt like a year, Grey's Anatomy returned tonight with its 8th season premiere! Can you believe it? 8 seasons! I have to hand it to Shonda Rhimes, she wastes zero time. Tonight's episode felt like six episodes in one and started off with a bang. Well, a sink.

How insane was that sink hole? It felt like a scene from the movie Deep Impact - total devastation. Between the woman pinned under the car, her husband trying to cut off her leg and Alex splicing open the arms of a child, I had my hands over my eyes, my heart was pounding and I was breathing deep sighs of relief at each commercial break and that was just in the first fifteen minutes!

After the dramatic patient stories, we returned to our residents. In the opening scene with Meredith and Cristina, it felt like Grey's season 1. Meredith and Cristina were a dark and twisty tag team and tonight they returned in original form. When they walked into the hospital with Zola and Cristina kissed the baby goodbye, my heart melted.

Speaking of babies, the Owen and Cristina story line broke my heart. At the end of the episode, when Owen accompanied Cristina to her appointment and held her hand, I lost it.

On the subject of grand gestures, can you believe the chief took the fall for Meredith? When he called Adele to say he was coming home for dinner I got misty again.

I am loving the relationship between Teddy and Henry. Who doesn't have a crush on Scott Foley?

I also loved the Gunther story line. Again, it felt like Grey's in its first season - emotional yet hilarious. Can someone please give Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) an Emmy? Seriously. This woman is brilliant. She has me in stitches with just a facial expression.

In other news, Sloan is mentoring Jackson, Kepner is flailing as chief resident and Arizona is trying to help Alex get back to his A game (iust as soon as he remedies his current outcast situation). Ratting on a friend will do that to you.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens next week, particularly with Meredith and Derek. It's clear they are not going to have an easy road ahead of them. I sincerely want them to be together and I hope the writers do too.

What was your favorite story line in tonight's episode?

*All images courtesty of TV Fanatic.


i can't believe we're on season 8 either!! this show has literally seen me through my 20's. I totally agree with all your points in this recap, and was crying by the end, easily. Scott Foley = crush. Bailey = always been my favorite!

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