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On Saturday of Labor Day weekend I spent the day in Providence, RI visiting one of my oldest and dearest friends. After a superb brunch at Olga's Cup + Saucer we headed up 95 to the Diamond Hill Vineyards in Cumberland, RI.

The Diamond Hill Vineyards are run by the Berntson family who live right on the property. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00pm - 5:00pm for tastings.

After parking the car, we followed the signs to the main house.

We walked up a set of stone steps to the back porch.

The back porch is, in a word, gorgeous. This is how a porch is meant to be. I felt like I could sit in one of those chairs for hours without a care in the world.

Each table boasted a beautiful flower arrangement and had a sign with prices for wine by the glass.

On the other side of the porch is the bridge to the vineyard itself. So pretty!

We entered the house and were greeted by Mama Berntson. She gave us each a wine glass and walked us through every detail of each of the wines we tasted. She told us everything from what grapes are used, how long it ages, what temperature to serve the wine at and what foods to pair it with. I wish I had been taking notes!

Of all the wines we tasted (eight in total) I loved the merlot which they call Scarlet Run. Mama Berntson told us it's unoaked which really allows the fruit flavor to come through. See, look at me talking like a wine expert! Ha. Of course I bought a bottle.

I also loved the spiced apple wine which tasted like a piece of apple pie! It had me wishing for fall weather! I could picture myself pouring it over vanilla ice cream, serving it to guests and watching their eyes roll into the back of their heads with sheer elation. Naturally I bought a bottle of this one too!

In addition to the signature wines, Diamond Hill Vineyards also does custom wines for special occasions - weddings, anniversaries, the birth of child, birthdays, etc. They make custom labels just for your occasion. They also host specials events on the property - bridal showers, baby showers, garden parties and even weddings. I can easily see why people fall in love with this place.

In addition to being enamored the gorgeous scenery, the friendly Bernston family and the delicious wines, I was also thrilled that their wine tastings are free! Yes, you read that correctly, free! Every other vineyard I have been to, the tasting costs anywhere from $3 - $10 per person. It was so nice to sample all these wonderful wines without paying a penny up front.

The Diamond Hill Vineyards are perfect for a day trip from Boston or Providence. Make sure you taste that spiced apple wine!


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