90210: Welcome Freshmen

Tonight the West Bev gang returned for season four of 90210 only this time, they're high school graduates and planning their new lives in college and beyond.

Naomi buys a party house from a cowboy with a heavy attitude. His first scene with his shirt off was completely gratuitous. Also, the fact that he was the owner of the first home (well, his parents) and is also the owner (again, really his parents) of Dixon's new beach house, well, that would never happen. Bad writing.

Speaking of bad, I was pretty much done with Adrianna last season. I am even more done with her now that she has befriended Navid's annoying sister Leela and has slept with the cowboy.

Ivy and Raj are as cute as ever, but I think they are overdoing it on his make up. I am dreaded what I assume will be an episode this season where he passes away. Sad just thinking about it.

Also sad, Liam's lame first proposal to Annie, and her dismissing his amazing second proposal! I see where she is coming from, but he tried to make a grand gesture!

It also seems Liam got drunk and purchased the bar on the beach. Interesting.

In previews for next week the girls are rushing a sorority at CU. Bring on the public humiliation!

And in a spoiler photo, it seems Annie and the cute CU guy Jeremy are getting cozy!

See you for rush week!

*All photos courtesy of the CW.


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