Dining Out: Zocalo

Tonight I had dinner with my college roommate at Zocalo in Back Bay. I first heard of the restaurant a few weeks ago after reading a mouth-watering review by one of my favorite, local, food bloggers, Daisy, of Indulge Inspire Imbibe. I got to the bottom of her blog post and resolved to go ASAP. Also, let's be honest, guacamole is always a good idea.

Zocalo is on Stanhope Street in the space formerly occupied by STIX, which was one of my favorites (rest in peace). You can read my STIX review here. This is a great location because it's on a quiet, side street and it has a spacious, outdoor patio.

Check out the skeleton sculpture that greets you at the hostess stand! Very Dia de los Muertos.

Tonight we opted to sit inside because it was spitting rain. Ick. The decor inside the restaurant is vibrant and warm, a winning combination. I also love the exposed brick wall.

Once seated, we wasted no time ordering drinks. A glass of Malbec for my roomie and a mango margarita for me. I read that they offer hibiscus sugar rims, which I was dying to try. When I asked our waitress, she said they no longer have that sugar. Boo!

Though we had a tough time selecting entrees, we put in our order for the house made guacamole right away. While we waited we were delivered a generous basket of chips and a bowl of salsa. Both the tortilla chips and the salsa packed an unexpected, fantastic flavor. Not sure what was dusted on those chips, but I'd like to eat one million more.

The guacamole arrived in a huge bowl. It was super fresh and just the right amount of spicy. We gobbled it right up!

After agonizing over which entree to choose (we each had two in mind), she went with the chicken enchiladas. She said they were delicious, the chicken was excellent, the flavor was bold and the side of black beans was heavenly.

I decided on the chile relleno. The restaurant traditional serves this entree with one chile stuffed with cheese and vegetables and one stuffed with pork. I asked for two chiles with cheese and they accommodated that request, no problem. My plate was rich and bursting with traditional, Mexican flavors.

My plate also came with a side of plantains! What a treat!

As you know, I am a dessert addict, so we asked the waitress what their offerings were. They have two choices: flan and tres leches cake. Neither of those appealed to us, so we skipped it. My roomie said she was hoping for churros con chocolate. Agreed!

In addition to the fun atmosphere, the delicious drinks and the finger-licking good food, I was also impressed that Zocalo uses QR codes to push their promotions! Check it out:

If you're in the mood for Mexican, ditch your usual spot and chow down at Zocalo.


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