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Back in February I blogged about my excitement for an upcoming movie called "Bridesmaids." Having attended eight (yes, count them) weddings in the year leading up to viewing this movie trailer, I knew I would find it nothing short of cathartic.

Though it took me three weeks to make it to a theater, I did finally see "Bridesmaids" on Sunday night! We arrived at the Fenway cinema at 6:40pm to buy tickets from the 6:55pm show. While waiting in line one of the ticket cashiers shouted, "The 6:55pm showing of 'Bridesmaids' is sold out! Again - Sold. Out." We looked at each other and darted for the door. We hopped in the car and sped to the Chestnut Hill cinema where the movie was starting at 7:45pm. I kid you not when I say there was not an empty seat in the entire theater. Every single seat, including those horrible seats in the first row where you basically have to stare at the ceiling, were full.

Here is what I loved: the character of Helen. Every bridal party has this person. I like to call her "the one upper." This bridesmaid is a person from who money is no object, every idea is peasant-like unless it is her own and she is always overdressed. The one category she insists on one upping more than any other, is her connection to the bride. This bridesmaid is the self-proclaimed, absolute, best friend of the bride. Actress Rose Byrne does an exceptional job in this role. My personal favorite moment is when she and Kristen Wiig's character, Annie, keep stealing the microphone from one another during the engagement party.

I also loved the scene where Kristen Wiig gets drunk on the plane ride to Vegas. I was laughing so hard I think I missed a few of the lines.

Can we talk about the men in this movie? Let's start with Chris O'Dowd who plays the adorable Officer Rhodes.

First of all, having an accent automatically makes anyone cuter. It's just a fact of life. In the morning after scene, when he buys Annie all the ingredients to bake a cake, my heart just melted. Every scene he was in was perfect.

Speaking of perfect, this brings me to Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm is an undisputed, perfect ten. He is handsome, smart, talented and devoted to his real life girlfriend of over ten years, Jennifer Westfeldt. In this movie he takes a contrarian role of utter asshole. It was super entertaining to watch and surprise, only made him more attractive.

I was thrilled to discover that the movie's soundtrack includes one of my all time favorite heartbreak songs, Fiona Apple's "Paper Bag." Incredible choice and the perfect musical compliment to the scene (where Annie bakes one singular cupcake alone in her kitchen).

Now onto the things I could have done without. Melissa McCarthy is getting a lot of praise for her role as the crass, sister-in-law, Megan. I have to say, she wasn't believable as a sex crazed person chasing after all these men. She was not giving off a heterosexual vibe at all. In fact, during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, McCarthy said she modeled this character after Guy Fieri from the Food Network! I felt like her character wasn't believable.

Next, the scene at the end of the movie where Officer Rhodes comes to pick up (and make up) with Annie is so incredibly unrealistic I wanted to throw something at the screen. Maybe it's because I'm in the bitter barn (I can see you nodding!), but that would just never happen. In real life, after she baked him that "I'm sorry," carrot shaped cake and he let the raccoons eat it, that would have been it. She would never haven seen him again. Tying up everything with a pretty bow at the end left a sour taste in my mouth.

Lastly, this movie isn't so much about being a bridesmaid, as it is about Annie's personal journey toward finding self confidence. I wish the movie had been titled "Maid of Honor" instead. Don't you agree?

Despite my three complaints, the bottom line is, this movie is hilarious. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud that many times during a film. The bridal shower scenes are epic and if you have ever been in a bridal party you will feel immediate kinship with Kristen Wiig's Annie.


Haha too bad that title was already taken... and by a Patrick Dempsey movie, no less!

I saw this movie sunday, too! my theater (Boston Common) was just as packed. I loved the bridal shower scene - Annie attacking the giant cookie and chocolate fountain was outrageous!!

MFB - I didn't know there was a movie by that name already! Shame.

Daisy - Totally agree! The bridal shower scene was incredible. When she tried to push over the chocolate fountain I just about died.

It's terrible. Don't even couch-on-a-rainy-saturday watch it.

I'm posting my review soon... as in, probably July after my thesis is done. I'll be sure to share. :)

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