Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dining Out: Sonsie

I consider myself a Boston, dining out connoisseur. Despite my tendency to eat out anywhere from six to ten meals a week, somehow I never made it to one of Boston's most popular tourist destinations, Sonsie. In fact, I think I never bothered trying to go because I wasn't interested in a restaurant crawling with out of towners.

Over the past couple of months I began to hear more and more of people having wonderful meals at this Newbury Street hot spot. Given all the great reviews, I decided to add it to my "must try" list. In fact, when I signed the offer letter for my new job, two of my friends gave me a gift certificate to Sonsie, as they knew I was planning to check it out.

Well, last night I finally experienced it. I met a former coworker at 6:30pm and the weather could not have been more perfect. As I waited for her out front, everyone in the restaurant and walking by on the street was buzzing about the candy apple red Ferrari parked out front. Of course.

Once together, we went inside and a very bubbly hostess walked us to a table in the second row (behind the prime real estate in the window). What's cool about Sonsie is that they set up all the tables with their chairs facing the open window to the street. No matter where you are sitting (the tables are four rows deep) you have a solid view for Newbury Street people watching.

When we opened the cocktail menu the first thing I noticed was the drink categories: Luck, Love and Life. How cute is that?

For our first round I decided on the peach sangria and my friend selected the blueberry cocktail. Both of our drinks were wonderfully sweet and refreshing.

We decided to order an appetizer, the chive onion dip with hand cut potato chips. Though I loved the presentation of the chips, the serving size was disproportional to the amount of dip, which left us with more than half the bowl and nothing to eat it with. Despite the ratio being off, both components were super delicious.

For dinner I decided on the ravioli caprese. The tri-colored ravioli came over a bed of thinly sliced tomato and was topped with basil leaves and some greens. The ravioli was nothing to write home about and honestly, left me disappointed.

My dinner date ordered the roasted chicken which came with goat cheese mashed potatoes, snap peas and carrots. When it was delivered to our table, the server poured hot gravy over the whole dish which was quite lovely.

We decided to skip dessert and instead order a second round of drinks. I stuck with the peach theme and ordered the peach tea and she ordered the pomegranate champagne cocktail. We were both thrilled with our selections.

Sonsie is the perfect place for after work drinks, Sunday brunch or a bachelorette party. The view is stellar, the cocktails are sublime and this service is incredible. Not only did we have a fantastically attentive waitress, the manager stopped by our table to check in on us as well.

Enjoy the view at Sonsie at 327 Newbury Street.

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