Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dining Out: Sip Cafe

One of the greatest bonuses of working downtown is being able to meet my friends for lunch! On Friday afternoon I was in desperate need of a break and was thrilled to already have a lunch date on the calendar with my college roommate. She suggested we meet up at Sip Cafe in Post Office Square. I had been to Sip once before, post-client meeting, but I never realized they served anything more than coffee.

Friday afternoon we met at 1:00pm at Sip for lunch. The weather couldn't quite make up it's mind, did it want to rain? Did it want to let the sun come out? Ambivalent, we decided to sit inside.

After perusing the menu, I decided on the portabello mushroom sandwich which came with asagio cheese, tomato and arugula. The server offered me the option to have my sandwich pressed, which of course, I took her up on. I also ordered a lemonade, which was surprisingly refreshing and just the right ratio of sweet to tart. I think Panera makes the best lemonade and Sip's rendition rivaled my favorite.

My roomie ordered the turkey sandwich which came on seven grain bread with fresh slices of red apple, roasted onions and goat cheese.

When our sandwiches were ready, the server called our number and we scurried up to grab our plates.

While dining we had a beautiful view of Post Office Square. My roomie, who has been working downtown for years, told me in the nice weather there is a gelato cart right outside in the spot we were overlooking. Um, I think I'll be back.

Though we didn't order hot drinks, I noticed Sip's collection of loose, leaf teas. My mother would love this!

As I walked back to my office, I passed under the most gorgeous trellis. I am continually reminded what a beautiful city Boston is.

If you find yourself in the financial district, absolutely refuel and refresh at Sip Cafe.

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  1. I love post office square! I have been to Sip Cafe only for a latte and it was delicious.


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