Dining Out: Green Street

Last year one of my college friends moved to Central Square. Since then I have been hanging out in that neighborhood quite a bit. A few weeks ago when we met up for drinks, he and his younger brother has just come from dinner at a place called Green Street. He told me it was just behind Mass Ave and that their dinner was fantastic. I immediately added it to my list of restaurants to try.

Tonight I met a friend and former co-worker at Green Street. The restaurant is located around the corner from the intersection of Mass Ave and Prospect Street. Be advised, this is not the nicest street. Do not be deterred!

Once inside Green Street, the first thing I noticed was the cherry red light fixtures in the bar area. There is a long bar on the right side of the restaurant and a smattering of high top tables.

The hostess walked us to a table for two on the dining room side of the restaurant, which is decorated with white twinkle lights. The room has a warm glow.

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who gave us ample time to look over the menu. Apparently Wednesday is taco night at Green Street and we decided to order one of the appetizer specials, the cheese stuffed jalapenos.

While we waited for our spicy app, we were delivered a plate of bread, which was delicious! Doughy center + hearty crust = the perfect slice of bread.

When our jalapeno app was delivered, I was incredibly surprised by the tiny portion. One jalapeno cut into two, cheese stuffed halves. I was expecting three, maybe four jalapenos. We each took our half and after the first bite our tongues were on fire! It takes a brave eater to finish one of these!

After the jalapeno, we sampled the green goddess salad. This was grilled romaine lettuce topped with fresh avocado, garnished with polenta croutons over a sea of green goddess dressing. I love the taste of grilled lettuce! I have had it a few times before and it's an unexpectedly delicious twist on the usual salad presentation. The avocado on the salad was wonderfully fresh. The polenta croutons were an odd texture, but improved when drenched in the dressing.

For dinner I ordered the homemade ricotta cavatelli which came topped with wild mushrooms, grated parmesan and a poached egg. Now this is a pasta dish! I loved absolutely everything about this dish. A superb, filling, vegetarian meal.

My dinner date ordered the pan roasted chicken which came served over gnocchi and swiss chard. The serving of chicken was huge and she decided to take half home. She said the broth was a bit salty, but had a nice lemon flavor. She said she wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

When our waitress offered a dessert menu, we couldn't resist taking a look, given how great all of our food had been so far. My dinner date selected the banana upside down cake. About ten minutes later the cake arrived over a drizzle of salted caramel and topped with coconut ice cream. As is well documented, I do not enjoy fruit for dessert (in this case banana). I hoped that this dessert would turn me, but it tasted too much like breakfast. I quit after two bites.

Green Street is a bit off the beaten path and not a place that you are likely to just stumble upon. If you do decide to make the trip, the food is excellent. They also have an extensive beer, wine and cocktail menu for the drinkers in your group.

Green Street is located at 280 Green Street in Central Square.


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