Gossip Girl: Once Upon A Time

This week's episode of Gossip Girl followed Blair on her quest to become the princess to Louis' prince. Their romance is straight out of a fairytale and it seems even Blair knows it's too good to be true. Can you believe the hour ended with a proposal? How gorgeous is that ring?!

Poor, Chuck. Desperate is not a good look on him. He's trying to cover up Reina's mother's death and he is losing his girl to the prince of Monaco. Tough week.

It is unclear to me why Serena keeps back stabbing Blair. All because she kissed Dan? Who Serena doesn't even want anymore?

Also, why is Vanessa still on this show?

I was so happy to see Rufus finally get a story line of this own! I miss the days when he ran the gallery. He used to have an edge. Now he's just a house husband.

Not sure what is going on with this Charlie/Dan story line, but I'm not interested. Her lame attempt to get him to go out for Perogis was laughable.

In previews for next week, Nate chooses Reina over Chuck and the ultimate slime ball, Jack Bass, returns.

Who are you rooting for, Upper East Siders? Chuck or Louis?


Molly Galler

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