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Before I dive into this review, I just have to share that this is my 600th post! Thank you all for continuing to read, share your thoughts and inspire me to keep writing! Now on to the food:

A few weeks ago I saw Canary Square profiled on the local food show, the Phantom Gourmet. I love the Phantom. It is one of my favorite parts of waking up on the weekends (along with not having to set an alarm) and I honestly feel badly for people who live outside of Massachusetts and don't get to watch it. After seeing Canary Square's mouth-watering offerings, I made a mental note to check out the restaurant the next time I was in Jamaica Plain.

Well, tonight, after spending the whole day gushing over my new baby cousin, the older cousins and I decided to hit up Canary Square. Nothing energizes me like checking out a new place.

Canary Square is located right at the intersection of Perkins Street and where South Huntington Ave becomes Centre Street. They have an outdoor patio, but it was closed tonight due to rain.

We walked in and were seated right away at a high top table on the border of the dining area and the bar. The bar was hoping!

I loved the industrial feel of the restaurant. The exposed brick walls were gorgeous and the oversized bulb light fixtures were awesome. I also adore any restaurant that scribbles their specials in colored chalk on a blackboard.

To start we ordered the hummus plate and the grilled calamari. The pita chips that came on the hummus plate were way too dry. They looked like they would be doughy, but they tasted stale. The hummus however was garlicky and fantastic. The calamari was described as grilled, but tasted like it was fresh from the sea.

Someone at the table decided to start with the zucchini and ghost chili soup. A brave soul! Though it looked like baby food, he said it was excellent.

For dinner, two people at the table ordered the "Mom's Meatless Spaghetti Carbonara." The dish comes served with peas, parmesan cheese and eggs. Though both people who ordered the dish finished every last forkful, they both agreed it was just "eh" and they wouldn't order it again.

Two of us (including me) ordered the grilled Swiss and avocado sandwich which came with tomato and onion pressed between two pieces of sourdough bread. The sandwich was so incredibly delicious! I would go back and order that again and again. The sandwich also came with a side salad.

The last item sampled with the S.L.T. - the salmon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. It came with a very generous portion of fish and was supremely tasty.

In addition to our entrees, we decided to try the truffle blue cheese tater tots. The serving comes with three huge tots (each one could serve two people) and when you cut into the tot, the blue cheese oozed right out of it. This is junk food heaven.

Just as we were wiping our faces and hands from chowing down the waitress asked if we'd like to see a dessert menu. Surprisingly, it was the boys who encouraged us all to look! After some perusal and the announcement of the daily ice cream flavors (straight from JP Licks up the street) we decided on the donuts. I am normally not a fan of donuts, however, when these gorgeous, puffy donuts floated towards us, I was swayed.

The plate came with three donuts which were hot, surprisingly light and dusted with sugar. They came with a bowl of hot fudge sauce which we drizzled over our fried treats. I have to say, this was mind blowing. This was the best donut I have ever tasted.

I knew the Phantom would never lead my astray, but I will concur, Canary Square is superb. The restaurant has a great style and vibe and the food menu offers a wide variety of delicious sweet and savory items. Definitely make your way to Jamaica Plain to indulge at Canary Square.

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