Grey's Anatomy: Three Votes

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy was quite eventful! First, Lexie and Meredith's father, Thatcher, checked into Seattle Grace with a mystery woman by his side. I believe Lexie called her a "tattooed skank." Nice to meet you, too. I love when Lexie gets frenetic, it's highly entertaining.

I did not love Dr. Avery deciding to pursue Lexie after Mark specifically asked him to watch out for her and find out why she was so upset. Seriously, dude? And did you seriously linger changing your shirt in the locker room? We know you have amazing abs.

This episode Callie fought Mark and Arizona for her right to drink one cup of coffee each day while pregnant. She decided her vote over rules their two votes, because really, "I have a vote, the baby has a vote and my vagina has a vote." Hilarious!

Also this hour, the new OB/GYN (whose name I don't know) gave death stares to Karev for the entire episode because apparently nobody told her that he makes insensitive comments on the regular. Someone needs to get her the Karev files. It goes something like this, "Abusive father. Mentally ill brother. Eva. Izzie." I do like that she busts his balls. He needs that.

This week the Chief offered Meredith the chance to carry on her mother's diabetes research with a new round of funding. She entertained the idea for a little bit, but ultimately decided to stick with Derek's Alzheimer's study. She celebrates this decision at home with Derek in a very cute final scene. Did anyone else notice/love Mer's outfit in that scene? Very Anthropologie meets J.Crew.

In previews for next week, a man comes into the ER with a butcher knife in his head. I already feel squeamish.

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