Gossip Girl: Mother Knows Best

This week's episode of Gossip Girl was all about the Mamas. Ben's mom backed Lily into a corner, Lily turned herself in, and we learned Raina's mother may have been killed by Chuck's dad, Bart. This sounds a bit like General Hospital, no?

For me, the highlight of this hour was the incredibly smart writing. A few of my favorite lines:

DOROTA: " I learned this from Mr. Humphrey's New York magazine that I found in your room! Your new secrecy, calmness with Mr. Chuck, supporting Serena's new boyfriend, and last week I find a NOVA documentary in your Netflix queue! You and Lonely Boy are having an affair!"

DAN: "Serena, Eric, Lily, they are going to need us now more than ever."
BLAIR: "And not 'us' - Dan and Blair, individual entities. Two proper nouns separated by a conjunction."
DAN: "Or a comma, if mentioned in a list."
BLAIR: "Which is rare, since we have nothing in common and are in fact, opposites."

DAN: "I've been walking around the city all night with one all consuming, paralyzing thought."
BLAIR: "Why am I walking around the city when I live in Brooklyn?"

I have to hand it to you, GG writing team. You were on point tonight!

Onto other observations:

- How gorgeous was Lily in that nude colored dress?

- Why was Blair wearing no make up at Chuck's party?

- Chuck was feeling devastated and alone and the only person he wanted to talk to was Blair? Interesting.
- CeCe and Billy Baldwin are back?

Lastly, the next new episode is Monday April 18th? WHAT? Cruel.


I swear, ever since we saw "Country Strong" I have felt like Blair's not wearing any makeup but maybe it's just because we saw her wearing so much in that movie and GG gives her a more natural look? It's growing on me, anyways. This is Blair Waldorf we're talking about. She's too good to cake on makeup.

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