Gossip Girl: Thorpedo

After weeks of deprivation Chuck Bass has returned to my life! Moment of silence.

This week my man candy finally met his match - Reina Thorpe. I love a power female. She is exactly the ball buster required to go toe to toe with Chuck. More please!

I also love that her father has his heart set on scooping up Bass Industries. Ooooo, tricky. I'm also loving that Lily is an ex-flame. Is there anyone on the island of Manhattan she hasn't slept with or married?

On the positive side, Lily did allowed Ben to get released from prison. I never know which side Lily is on. I want to believe she is helping Serena, but so many times she double crosses her.

Of course Ben has been out of jail for one minute and Serena is already flirting with him. Here we go.

Is it just me or is Nate getting hotter? Discuss.

I'm not sure which I loved more this episode - Blair's black and silver, strapless party dress or her budding friendship with Dan? Can anything top him calling her "the dictator of taste"?

In previews for next week's episode, both Dan and Blair find themselves interning at W Magazine. Dear lord, I cannot wait for the antics that are about to ensue.

Before we part ways for the week Upper East Siders, was I the only one who squirmed when Chuck called Serena "Mom" while they were sneaking around the safety deposit box?

I know they were pretending she was Lily, but still. I shudder.


I don't know where the makeup artist's head was at this week but Blair looked just a tad washed out. Was she even wearing mascara? I loved how it ended with her and Dan heading out to a movie together, even if she did insist they sit two seats apart. Great episode.

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