Dining Out: Gargoyles on the Square

For years I have been wanting to check out Gargoyles on the Square in Somerville. I have several friends that live in the area, so I could have gone anytime, but it took a friend forwarding an email to me to actually push me into making a reservation. The aforementioned email was from Urban Daddy and highlighted a new brunch special at Gargoyles: red velvet pancakes. Um. I'm in.

This morning I met a friend at Gargoyles at 11:00am. I smiled upon seeing the adorable holiday decorations outside the restaurant.

We were greeted by a cheery hostess who took us into the back room to be seated. The front of the restaurant, where you enter, has a large bar and tables that look out onto the center of Davis Square. I would imagine the people watching is great from those seats in the warm weather.

As we walked into the dining room it was clear there was something special about this brunch. Something we weren't aware of. Gargoyles has a themed Sunday brunch (much like Tremont 647's pajama brunch) and the theme is . . . drumroll please . . . DISCO! Yes, that's right boys and girls, disco brunch! What does that entail you may ask? A disco ball, multi-colored flashing lights, disco music, and glow sticks and beads on every table. Needless to say, we were psyched.

Even the menu design is disco themed! There was a long list of brunch cocktails and a great mix of sweet and savory food options.

We knew we were going to have the red velvet pancakes, but we needed to pick a second item. We went with the pumpkin french toast. The pancake plate came with four fluffy pancakes topped with cream cheese frosting (squeal!), syrup and a side of home fries (its supposed to be sausage, but I asked for a swap). The pancakes were absolutely incredible! I could only eat half because they were so decadent, but I highly recommend!

The home fries were delicious! I like my home fries spicy and crispy, and these delivered on both ideals!

The pumpkin french toast came with a graham cracker crust, banana jam and whipped cream. It was an enormous portion, perfect for sharing.

All around us plates were arriving for other diners and everything that went by looked incredible. I absolutely want to return and check out the menu and ambiance for dinner.

The Sunday disco brunch is a fantastic place to share food and gossip with friends after a crazy night out. Keep the dance party going at Gargoyles on the Square!


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