Gossip Girl: L Bomb

Tonight on Gossip Girl Chuck dropped the L bomb! I have to admit, I squealed with delight! Its not often that a man utters those words first, let alone the infamous bachelor! I have been loving this fun, dangerous chapter of Chuck and Blair's relationship.

However, I can't believe Anne Archibald's horrible comments soured Chuck and Blair's amazing night! Please let Blair come to her senses and embrace Chuck again!

How cute were Eric and Elliot this episode? Trying to help Serena pick between Dan and Nate with a ven diagram? Precious.

Serena annoyed me to no end tonight. How many episodes have to center around the Serena pity party? Of course no one believes you, Serena. You lie constantly. Thank goodness you had that nude colored, sequin, sweater dress to redeem yourself.

Can we discuss Juliet and Jenny posing as Serena doubles? How did they know what dress she was wearing to the gala (since the theme changed last minute) and how could Jenny create two replica dresses that quickly? 100 percent impossible.

Can someone finally tell us what Juliet's vendetta is against Serena? Juliet has been front and center for multiple episodes and we still have no idea why. I'm getting irritated.

In previews for the next new episode (post-Thanksgiving on November 29th) Serena breaks free from the prison that is Juliet's apartment and runs away with Dan. Here we go again.


GG put out a blast right before the ball with a picture of S getting into a cab in full gear. Then Little J sait to Juliette "Get out your credit card." So then they must have gone out and bought the same dress as S.
I was soooo excited that they used The Pretty Reckless in the episode soundtrack. I have been blasting that song in my car since the spring and am glad it's finally made it into the mainstream. Woohoo!

Was going to Tweet this... but I have too much to say :) I'm also totally annoyed with the Juliet/Serena story line - I mean seriously, a whole season? And Chuck and Blair, can't they just figure it out and run their evil "empire" together already?! And Dan & Nate, I mean seriously boys?! Get over Serena already, what about her is so great anyways?

Ugh OK done ranting, but seriously this season has too many things to complain about.

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