Live: Cocktail Wars

One of my best girlfriends works as a server at the Woodward at the Ames Hotel downtown. Back in August I went for my first visit (read the review here) and ever since she has been asking me to come back for a monthly event called Cocktail Wars.

The last Sunday of every month the Woodward hosts an Iron Chef style competition where they pit two bartenders against each other and give them one alcoholic ingredient and one non-alcoholic ingredient, both of which need to be included in an inventive, delicious cocktail. The dueling mixologists have 20 minutes to conceive of their drink. At the end of the 20 minutes they have five additional minutes to create the drink times three for the three judges on the panel. Here is a shot of the manager explaining the rules (he is dressed as DJ Pauly D for Halloween):

Tonight the feud was between Scott Marshall of Drink (on Congress Street in Boston) and Milos Zica of Employees Only in New York City. Given that it was Halloween, Scott was dressed in a festive costume and was quite gregarious as he mixed his drink.

Milos, dressed like an 80s pop star, was equally animated and dancing and singing behind the bar as he tested several options.

The Woodward had a great DJ playing music through out the night, but he played especially fun tunes during the 20 minute cocktail war.

In the end, Scott and Milos presented their cocktails to the panel which had to include an Italian liqueur called Strega, as well as avocado. After rave reviews for both creations, Scott won by just one point!

I was really glad I went and got to experience this battle of the bartenders. It was a lively competition, an eager crowd, and as always, a "see and by seen" atmosphere. It was a high energy, unique way to spend Sunday night.

Cocktail Wars volume 7 will be arriving in late November.


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