Gossip Girl: We'll Always Have Paris

Tonight's season premiere of Gossip Girl finds Serena and Blair prancing through the streets of Paris in deliciously over the top outfits, Nate sleeping his way through Chuck's little, black book, and Dan hiding out in Brooklyn with Georgina and their alleged son together, Milo.

Are we really supposed to believe Dan would live in the loft with Georgina all summer and not tell a soul they had a baby? Although I do believe Dan would name his son Milo.

Back in Paris Blair blows her chance to be with the prince of Monaco by spewing about the importance of class and etiquette over dinner. She picks a fight with Serena over her decision to attend Columbia and ultimately blames both her freak outs on not being over Chuck. Lame.

Nate has a new love interest, Juliet, who at first seems the perfect feisty compliment to his Upper East Side brahman, but we later discover she is somehow tracking the whole gang and is doing so in rented clothes (did you catch the Rent the Runway bag?).

The episode ends with a scary Chuck montage. Chuck has just arrived in Paris with a mystery blond and he's walking with a cane. Is it sick that the cane makes him hotter?

Meanwhile back in New York Lily gets a call that Chuck's body has washed up in the river in Paris. Odd.

At the close of the episode Georgina also packs her bags and leaves Dan and Milo behind. Mmm. Curious.

In previews for next week, Chuck is reunited in Paris with Serena and Blair. Here's hoping things are about to get interesting . . .


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