The Bachelorette: Tahiti

This week I am without my viewing buddy and I'm getting a late start. I turned on the TV, pressed "play" on the DVR, and then discovered that the ABC News storm watch had cut off the first 31 minutes of this episode! What if I missed the Frank meltdown? I have been seeing those previews for three weeks! Anyone know how I can catch up? Do they have full episodes on

Below are my musings beginning at minute 31 of the episode:

- Ali and Roberto sit down to a private, romantic dinner and he shares that he is falling in love with her. Cue the fantasy suite card!
- Ali and Roberto get cozy in the island paradise themed fantasy suite. I mean, wouldn't you?

- Ali and Chris meet up for their one-on-one date and begin cuddling on the boat. Cute! Can we switch places?
- Ali and Chris are making up for lost time on the make out front.
- Chris finds a pearl for Ali inside a clam shell. Thanks, producers!
- Chris asks Ali, "You know I can see myself with you forever, right?"
- Ali hands Chris the fantasy suite card and she says, "This is from Chris Harrison." Chris promptly starts looking around for Chris Harrison to appear. Cute.
- Chris has never looked happier than when he was holding that fantasy suite key in his hand.

- Frank arrives in Tahiti and tells the camera, "I am here to tell Ali I am in love with my ex girlfriend, Nicole." FRANK!
- Frank wants to talk his feelings through with Chris Harrison, naturally. Chris asks Frank to really think about what he is doing. He advises, "Ali is going to be in emotional turmoil going into the most important week of her life." I think he meant to say, "most important week EVER."

- Ali walks toward Frank and her voice over says, "I really need this day with Frank. I've missed him, I'm head over heels for him." Oh boy.
- Franks stares at the ground when telling Ali about his newly reinvigorated feelings for his ex.
- I love that even when she's devastated, Ali always stands up for herself. Always.
- I can't wait to see Ali and Frank again, head to head on "After the final rose." She is going to lay into him.

- Roberto can't help but smile when Ali says Frank is gone. In fact, its more of a smirk.
- Ali goes through the motions of giving a rose to Chris then Roberto.
- Ali informs the men the next stop is Bora Bora to meet her family.

- In the previews we see issues to be discussed on "The Men Tell All" special, as well as Chris & Roberto's final day with Ali.
- We also see Ali waiting to make her decision looking like a Grecian goddess in a gold dress.

Well, until next week be to sure to check out Entertainment Weekly for the episode recap as well as Chris Harrison's behind the scenes blog. Also be sure to read every word of this hilarious recap from

Any predictions? Chris or Roberto? Would love to hear your thoughts below!


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