The Bachelorette: Princes of Portugal

Tonight I'm reunited with my weekly viewing buddy and we are joined by her girlfriend for this week's installment of Ali's worldwide journey to find love. Below our rants and raves:

- The men have arrived in Lisbon and look like they were rudely awakened at 5:00am. Wake up, boys!
- Ali tries to say "Welcome to Portugal" in Portuguese and we all burst out laughing. Should have rehearsed that greeting a few more times, chica.

- Roberto sucks at taking action photos. The sexiness is decreasing by the moment.
- I can't take the dancing in the street. So cliche. Gag.
- Ali says, "I think Roberto could really be the one for me." From the couch, "Um, did we not say this, week one?"

- The date card arrives for the two-on-one date and its Frank and Ty. From the couch, "I think Frank's a total mental case. He's rivaling Kasey right now."
- Ali's in yellow, her signature color.
- Another helicopter? Fear of flying my ass.

- Ty works overtime to prove he's not the "barefoot and pregnant" guy. In fact, it "tickles him" that Ali has goals and ambitions. Liar.
- From the couch, "I feel like Frank is letting himself go." HA!
- Frank wants Ali to come to his hometown. From the couch, "This is going to be awkward. It's not like - hey, here's my childhood bedroom. It's like - hey, here's the room I slept in before I came to the Bachelorette." HA!

- Ali and Kirk take a horse drawn carriage. Gag again! This hour is heavy on the cheese!
- Kirk wears yellow to his one-on-one dinner with Ali. From the couch, "Awww, he wore her color."

- Ali and Chris L are totally rockin' a friend vibe. And Ali just said that.
- Chris L sputtering the scooter down the street? Not sexy.
- Chris L gives Ali a Cape Cod, Dennis bracelet. Cute! Welcome to the club, Ali.

- Chris Harrison! What is that purple, animal print, bubble pattern tie? Eek!
- The first rose goes to Chris L! What? From the couch, "That was kind of shocking."
- Roses to Frank and Roberto. From the couch, "Its Kirk going home. I can feel it."
- The final rose goes to Kirk! Ty is fuming.
- Ali walks Ty out. From the couch, "She always looks like a puppy when she does this."

- Now we watch 30 minutes of Jake and Vienna yelling at each other and providing polar opposite opinions on their relationship.

- In previews for next week Kirk's dad shows Ali his taxidermy collection (ewwww), Roberto shows off his baseball skills, and Frank freaks out, arrives in Tahiti and greets Ali with an ominous, "We need to talk."

Looking forward to the hometown dates next week!


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