The Bachelorette: Icy Hot

Tonight my weekly viewing buddy and I sat down for the newest installment of Ali's worldwide journey for love. This week's destination: Iceland! Below our rants and raves:

- The boys compete for the one-on-one date with Ali by writing a love poem.
- Everyone looks cold. Shivering. Teeth chattering. Rubbing their hands together.
- Cute poem from Craig R.
- While Kasey reads his poem, from the couch, "I hope he falls into the erupting volcano."
- Chris N.'s poem. Um. What?
- Kirk's poem - Root beer eyes? Really?
- In the post-commercial preview, Kirk doesn't want to talk about his dating history. From the couch, "What if he has never had a girlfriend? What if he killed his last girlfriend? Or impregnated her? Bets? Anyone?"
- As Kirk diverts the dating question, from the couch, "Left at the altar? Maybe?" We really want to know!
- Kirk tells Ali he was sick for years from mold and asbestos in his college house. Wow. We were way off.
- On the group date, Chris L.'s horse hates him. Hilarious.
- Justin gets his cast off and instead gets a boot that is exactly the same size. Then he puts his crutches in the trash. Because that is what people do with crutches.
- For the record, this group date in the underground cave = my worst nightmare.
- At the Blue Lagoon, the group date rose is frozen. FROZEN. And they are all in bathingsuits.
- Time for the two-on-one date. Kasey has a Burberry scarf. Hm.
- Ali has to fly again? You would think as the star of the show, she could say, "I have a fear of flying. No planes." In fact, she is flying around the world with these guys! What gives?
- Ice cave! I have always wanted to go to the Ice Hotel! Wearing a fur coat, of course.
- Kasey and Ali have alone time. He's taking off his gloves. He's reaching for his sleeve . . .
- Kasey reveals the tattoo and Ali is speechless. She can't even hide her shock and horror.
- Ali gives the rose to Rated R and Kasey reacts in a surprisingly calm manner. I am waiting for him to fling himself into the mouth of the volcano.
- At the cocktail party, Kirk is wearing his Iceland sweater. Dorky yet cute.
- Craig R. draws a fake tattoo on his wrist to make Ali laugh. Eh. Lame.
- Chris N. How did you make it to Iceland? You're funny? You love Mexican food? Wow, riveting.
- Kirk and Frank commenting on Ali and Chris N.'s body language, "They may do brunch once a year. Just to catch up." Ha!
- I feel like Chris L. and Ali have the same conversation over and over again every time they are alone.
- Ali tells Roberto, "Outside of this, I would never have come up to you. I would have thought you were too hot for me." Um. YEAH.
- Since Ali didn't wear any yellow this week, they put yellow flowers next to the photos of each guy in her "deliberation" room.
- Welp. Chris N. is going home. Probably to make some fajitas.
- We are down to Ty, Kirk, Justin, Frank, Roberto, Chris L. and Craig.
- Next stop: Istanbul, Turkey!
- In the previews: one-on-one dates for Ty and Frank, a wrestling duel for the boys, and someone leaves the show after their true, girlfriend-having colors are revealed. Guesses?

Be sure to check Entertainment Weekly for the episode recap and host Chris Harrison's blog.

In other Bachelor related news, Jake and Vienna confirm to OK! Magazine that they have split. Cue the Queen "Another One Bites the Dust."


Enlighten me (since I don't watch) - what the heck is Kasey's tattoo of????

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