Rental Review: The Ugly Truth

Thanks to the crappy weather in Boston this weekend I've had a chance to knock a few items off of my Netflix list. Tonight I watched The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler. This film follows the classic romantic comedy formula - the chase, the romance, the fight, and finally, the reconciliation. While the plot was predictable, there were some high notes:

1) Katherine Heigel's wardrobe - Bravo to the stylists who dressed Katherine for this film. Every element of her wardrobe - work, dates, formal - were all gorgeous. I was lusting after several accesories as well!

2) Eric Winter - The gorgeous young actor who plays Katherine's neighbor burns up the screen in his first scene when he and his 6-pack step out of the shower. In all subsequent scenes he seems to only get better looking.

3) Hot Air Balloons - There is a scene in the film at a hot air balloon festival that is so breathtaking it made me want to toss my fear of heights into the wind and sail high into the clouds.

Ultimately, the factor that kept me watching The Ugly Truth was that Gerard Butler's character reminded me of a guy friend of mine, who like Gerard's character, gives blunt advice on the male mind that confirms all of your worst fears. It was amusing to listen to this dialouge which seemed stripped directly from my conversations with this male friend.

The Ugly Truth is a perfect rainy day rental. Cozy up and brace yourself for the truth.


Gee, I wonder who that male friend might be. Haha!

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