The Bachelorette: Season 20 Premieres

Last night ABC premiered the 20th (!!!) season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, this time with Ali at center stage. For those who don't recall, Ali chose her ad sales job at Facebook over a chance at true love with pilot Jake Pavelka last season.

Now Ali is back, complete with cheap hair extensions, and she is searching for the one. After the obligatory trip down memory lane with Chris Harrison, the limos full of men begin to arrive. Before I detail my favorites and automatic veto's, let me say, Ali's dress was atrocious. A floor length, back-less, black gown that was embellished with a crystal chain down the back that linked to an oversized, silver door knob on her tail bone. Or, as my friend and cubemate said, a Peter Cottontail. Epic fashion fail.

Onto the men! My early favorites are:

Roberto - What can I say, Latin men are sexy. Roberto was charming, unique, and impressed Ali with his salsa dancing. He also scored the first impression rose.

Chris L. - A Cape Cod native (have to root for the locals), and former math teacher, he now lives at home with his father after the death of his mother. A red hoodie never looked so good.

Hunter - A ukulele serenade? What's not to love?

Craig M. - Something about that full head of hair just draws you in. Let's call in the McDreamy effect. I will even forgive his multicolored striped tie.

And the men I couldn't wait to send packin':

Jonathan - There is just no way a weatherman can have sex appeal. Especially one who tries that hard.

Kyle - When did "outdoorsman" become a profession? Enough said.

Derrick a.k.a. "Shooter" - Really buddy? You thought that story would score you points?

Frank - Someone give this guy a tranquilizer! I was impressed by him jumping out of the limo, but he told the camera he lives with his parents writing screenplays and he told Ali he quit his job and moved to Paris to write his screenplays. Um. Big difference.

Jay - Also known as Lord Farquaad. Who has a forehead that big in real life? And who wears a blue suit with a blue shirt and a blue tie?

Tyler M. - You thought Ali wore cowboy boots last season? Well, she didn't and you look like an ass.

Others worth noting:

Justin - It is clear this "entertainment wrestler" is the producer's pick this season. He is handsome, but all the other guys hate him. Guaranteed drama catalyst.

Kasey - I could tell from the moment he spoke he was born hearing impaired. He has yet to share this with Ali, but I hope he opens up about this.

Ty - While he has the Southern boy, guitar playing thing going for him, the fact that he has only been divorced a few months is a major red flag.

In the previews for the season ahead, Ali and the men travel the world including trips to Iceland, Portugal, and Tahiti just to name a few. Apparently one suitor leaves the show after making it through multiple rounds, leaving Ali furious and questioning the whole process. Any early guesses on who makes a premature exit?

For side splitting laughs, read Jennifer Armstrong's recap for Entertainment Weekly and get the behind the scenes scoop from host Chris Harrison on his blog.

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