Gossip Girl: Happy Couple

This week's episode of Gossip Girl was 99% rage inducing. The redeeming 1% came for the wedding of the adorably infatuated couple - Dorota and Vanya. Dorota looked stunning in both her game night dress and her wedding dress, despite her pregnant belly. Vanya gave the most touching speech about what he loves most about his bride, and they beamed so brightly during the festivities you could likely feel the glow from outer space.

However, the rest of the episode was a smorgasbord of obnoxious plot lines. Let's begin with Serena reinvigorating her quest to find her father. She enlists the help of the slithering Carter Bazen who grins with delight when he bumps into Nate, who is unaware of his side project with Serena. Serena lies to Nate about every piece of this investigation, and even stands him up at the wedding! Serena gets hers when she arrives to her father's hotel room in Palm Beach and Lily answers the door. Dun duh dun dun, DUN!

This hour Jenny also continues her aggressive, yet fruitless ploy to attract Nate. J, he is with Serena. You two had your inappropriate moment already, there will be no rekindling.

Then, after weeks of waiting for Eric to return, when he does, the writers gift him a new love interest. That isn't enough though, Elliot has to have a girlfriend and slyly share that he is bisexual. Come on!

This week Chuck and Blair's shadow of a relationship continues to disintegrate. Blair finds herself unable to forgive Chuck and Chuck finds himself unable to apologize effectively. In the end, Blair decides she wants a Dorota & Vanya kind of love, not a love where her body gets traded for a hotel. I have to say, I knew Chuck and Blair would eventually break up, but these conversations seemed inconsistent with their characters. Blair would have enjoyed humiliating Chuck until he begged for mercy and Chuck would have whisked her off on exotic adventures and turned up the volume on the sexual advances.

Lastly, where was Vanessa? She felt so guilty about also applying to Tish she had to flee Manhattan?

In a spoiler photo from next week's episode, we see that Serena finally talks face to face with her father, played by Billy Baldwin. Not sure how he will become involved in the Upper East Side gang's life, but I'll admit, I'm intrigued.

A friend of mine suggested that Lily might be ill, and that's why she has been sneaking around. Thoughts?

While we ponder that hypothetical plot twist, enjoy this week's Daily Intel recap, which is a particularly witty installment.


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