New Discovery: Police Women

Back in December I was visiting my parents in Miami and late one night I discovered a show on TLC called Police Women of Broward County. I don't normally watch any type of cop show (reality or otherwise) but for some reason I was completely sucked in and wound up watching three episodes in a row!

The show follows female police officers as they do everything from pull people over on the road, respond to calls of domestic disputes, plan and execute drug busts, and go undercover to trap predators. Maybe its the feminist in me, but I love to see these women kicking butt!

The first season was so successful, TLC is now airing Police Women of Maricopa County, which is based in Phoenix, AZ under the supervision of a very controversial sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio gained nationally media attention when he placed inmates in tents when the jails got too crowded and for forcing prisoners to wear pink underwear. He also has his deputies arrest offenders with pink hand cuffs (which you see on the show).

The cool part of the show is that you also get to see the women off duty, with their spouses, caring for their children, and how they let loose.

Fight your "this show is too trashy for me" instinct and tune in to Police Women on TLC every Thursday at 9:00pm. (Yes, that is the same time as Grey's Anatomy and the Office. Don't worry, they run repeats at alternate times).

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