GREEK: Who Are You Lloyd Dobler-ing?

Can I have a massive round of applause for this week's episode of GREEK? Why has no one ever written a television episode that revolves around 80s romantic comedy references? Brilliant and highly enjoyable!

This episode Rusty had the difficult task of choosing between two admirers, Katherine and Dana. Katherine, while awkward, is a Greek geek just like Rusty and beautiful when she isn't tweaking out. Meanwhile, Dana, is the female version of Rusty (in a good way), and she also bakes delicious maple bars. Tricky. Ashleigh tries to counsel Rusty with advice based on her recent viewing of every Molly Ringwald movie.

The best moment of the night came when Rusty tried to win back Katherine, only to find that Evan had moved in on her. Just like in the 80s rom com plots, he and Ashleigh blurted out in unison,"preppy jackass!"

On a sad note, Casey learned she and Cappie's love story is only a short story. On a camping trip with Cappie's hippie parents it becomes clear to Casey she can't see a long term future with him. I love them together, but I was also digging that lawyer hunk Joel.

I could have used a few more Dale one-liners and some more Calvin/Grant revelry, but overall this episode was excellent!

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