Gossip Girl: Mommy Dearest

You know it's a good episode of Gossip Girl when you find yourself flying forward toward the TV, arms raised in protest, shouting, "Nooooooooooooooooo!" It had been a while since I had an "Oh Snap!" moment with the Upper East Side crew. Perhaps when Maureen got a hold of the letter from Serena's dad? Last night's final minute plot twist caught me totally off guard!

In the final scene of last night's episode Chuck signs his leadership role at the Empire hotel over to his "mother" Elizabeth. No sooner than we begin to think Chuck's heart is thawing do we see Elizabeth walk into a room with evil Jack Bass who asks, "So, do we have ourselves a hotel?" You dirty rat. Make that two dirty rats!

On the upside, Chuck has always had a thing for devious revenge plots, so I am sure he'll think of something magnificent to retaliate with.

In other news, Jenny planned to lose her virginity to Damien the drug dealer but changed her mind at the last minute. Despite pushing off Serena's faux advances to be loyal to Jenny, in the end Damien chose his libido over Little J.

This week Rufus and Lily also began working on a reconciliation (thank god). As they came back together, Dan and Vanessa heightened their togetherness, just not in front of anyone they know. There was a great scene about "friends" zones and "friends with benefits" zones. Bravo, GG writers. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Almost as much as I enjoyed Vanessa tormenting Dan by showing up to the Bass party, declaring she wasn't wearing any underwear, and then sauntering away across the public "friends only" zone.

I would still like to know where Eric and Dorota are hiding and when Billy Baldwin (a.k.a. Papa Van der Woodsen) is going to show his face!?

As you know, each week I point you to New York Magazine's Daily Intel recap, and this week they were actually mentioned on the show! Be sure to check out the bloggers' reaction in the post.

Looking forward to next week - Chuck Bass Strikes Back!


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