New Discovery: Cougar Town

I can thank the 11 hour plane ride back from Israel for my discovery of this new half hour sitcom, Cougar Town. I had read about Courtney Cox's latest return to prime time, but was skeptical. Her first post-FRIENDS show, about a gossip magazine, was a complete flop. With an entire day's worth of plane time ahead of me, and unlimited free television, I decided to give her latest venture, Cougar Town, a try.

Let me say, I could not stop laughing! This show is hilarious. Cox stars as a recently divorced fortysomething who lives with her high school age son, Travis, and works in real estate.

Her best friend Elie lives next door, and she has a gorgeous, recently divorced male neighbor across the street, Grayson. Her ex husband still pops in from time to time as well.

Cox is hysterical as an insecure, vulnerable woman returning to the single life. She is guided by her real estate assistant Laurie, while her best friend Elie tries to keep her living a married woman lifestyle.

Cox's assistant is played by Busy Philipps, best known as Joey Potter's rambunctious roommate Darcy on Dawson's Creek, her best friend Elie is played by Christa Miller, Elie's husband is played by Ian Gomez, also known as Kerri Russell's boss Javier on Felicity, and her son is played by Dan Byrd, who played Hillary Duff's best friend in the movie A Cinderella Story.

Each 30 minute episode delivers laugh out loud moments, A-list guest appearances (Lisa Kudrow, Scott Speedman), and of course, a few heart warming "I see the light" revelations.

Set the DVR! Cougar Town airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm on ABC.

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