90210: Winter Wonderland

Season two of 90210 continued to kick butt with this week's fantastic episode! Let's begin at the end when Jasper reveals that he has known all along that Annie was the one who hit his uncle with the car after prom! WHAT? We all knew he was a creep, but this is just unsettling! I can honestly say I have no idea where this story line is going, but I think it involves a turn towards psychoville.

With that out of the way, let's return to the beginning.

My heart melted with Teddy's grand gesture to Silver and I was devastated when she turned him down. Repeatedly.

I was also sad to see Dixon lie to Silver and sneak his way back onto her radar. When he had the opportunity to explain to her that the blond in the red dress was Teddy's sister, he decided to lie by omission and lean in for the kiss. I am really rooting for Silver and Teddy, so I hope this Dixon flirtation disappears.

I did enjoy Dixon's mini golf outing with his mom (also known as Aunt Becky) and was touched when she started to cry. I don't understand why Dixon wants to go see his birth mother. Didn't we already go through this story line once?

At the Winter Wonderland dance Ivy showed up in a white pantsuit! Actually, it was white jeans and a blazer, which I don't think even belong together. Major fashion faux paus. Naomi looked incredible in her white, strapless gown and eventually wound up at Liam's door.

With Ivy broken hearted, Naomi moved in for the kill and had a steamy make out with Liam! Not only did she get her man, but we finally found out what was under that damn tarp! While the boat was not terribly exciting, I had been waiting to see what was under there for weeks! Check that off the list.

It seems the writers are setting Mr. Matthews up to have a drinking problem. Hasn't the guy been through enough?

Just like Gossip Girl, it is unclear when the next new episode of 90210 will be. We are anxiously awaiting our return to the most fascinating zip code.


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