Movie Musings: This Is It

Back in June after Michael Jackson's death, I wrote about the impact his music had on my life. When I heard Sony would be releasing a feature film comprised of the dress rehearsals for Michael's intended final concert tour, I couldn't wait to buy my ticket. I couldn't get any of my Boston friends to see the movie, so over Thanksgiving weekend I went with my mother, the person who first introduced me to the Jackson 5.

The movie titled "This Is It" is raw footage from Michael's rehearsals for his final tour. It also includes interviews with the show's director Kenny Ortega (of High School Musical fame), the choreographers, dancers, band members and tech crew.

As a huge MJ fan I knew each song that was about to be performed after one or two notes. It was incredibly fun to see how they planned to jazz up each number with costumes, choreography, special effects, mini films, additional vocals and new vocal arrangements.

Now matter how you felt about Michael Jackson's personal life, when you watch this movie, it is undeniable that he was a creative genius. From his voice, to his dance moves, to his focus on delivering a superb, one of kind performance, his talent is awe inspiring.

I found myself singing along to every song, tapping my feet, clapping my hands or snapping my fingers. My mother was so energized by "Man in the Mirror" she actually stood up and danced!

The film also introduced us to an amazing female guitarist, Orianthi. She absolutely shredded it on her guitar solos. I think this film may have been her "a star is born" moment.

If you love Michael Jackson's music, "This Is It" gives you a final chance to see him perform all of your favorites. If you'd like to be able to watch the performances any time you like, you can pre-order the DVD here.


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