Grey's Anatomy: Arizona Rising

It was the week of Arizona at Seattle Grace on this week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy." After a scene-stealing speech to Callie's father a few weeks ago, Arizona took center stage with a two-prong story line. Her moments of glory include:

1) A speech to her new interns on what life is like in peds (short for pediatrics, for those who don't watch the show). I love the way she describes how her specialty is different. "Magical" as she describes it.

2) Her kindness toward her 11 year old patient, Wallace, and his adoring parents. She lets Wallace come on rounds with her, which is beyond adorable.

3) Her honesty with the Chief.

4) Her final words to Wallace with his mother, "bad dreams, bad dreams, go away. Good dreams, good dreams, here to stay." I know, you're tearing again.

5) The poignant moment when she tells Callie she loves her.

Aside from the amazing Arizona story line, the plot also took a fantastic twist with Dr. Avery hitting on Cristina! How anyone could be attracted to cold-hearted Cristina is still astounding to me, but first Burke, then Hunt, now Dr. Avery. You may recognize Dr. Avery as the nude model from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 or as "the hotness monster" from the Spring Break episodes of GREEK. As much as I love Owen, I would kind of like to see this pair hook up.

After a great episode, we were treated to even better previews! Izzie returns and she is PREGNANT! Hunt gets Cristina her "cardio god" in the form of actress Kim Raver (Third Watch, Lipstick Jungle). Too bad she is a friend of Owen's from Iraq, who is surely an old flame. I mean, you watch television, aren't they always?

Get ready because Grey's has got its mojo back!


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