Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dining Out: Johnny's Luncheonette

Growing up in Newton, MA my family, friends and I frequented several spots in the neighborhood called Newton Centre. There was chinese at Jumbo Seafood (Grammy's favorite), ice cream sundaes at JP Licks (Mom's obsession), pizza at Sweet Tomatoes, patio dining at Union Street, and our staple for any meal of the day - Johnny's Luncheonette.

Johnny's is in the heart of Newton Centre on Langley Road. It is a classic diner with a large counter up front and 20-30 booths seating anywhere for two to eight people. In the nice weather they also have tables outdoors.

The Johnny's decor is classic 50s diner, including framed black and white photos on the walls of class pictures from the Newton middle and high schools.

In true diner fashion Johnny's serves breakfast all day with generous portions of eggs, omelets, pancakes and waffles. Personally, I love to go for lunch or dinner. My favorite menu items include - grilled cheese and tomato on challah, the garden city sandwich, the vegetarian chili and the macaroni and cheese.

The item that keeps me coming back is the sweet potato fries! Cut into large wedges and baked to perfection, the fries come with a delicious spicy mustard and will have you craving more once the plate is licked clean.

Johnny's also offers classic diner fare on its beverage list. They serve Dr. Browns cream soda and black cherry soda, raspberry lime rickeys, egg creams and milk shakes.

Johnny's is a local favorite and attracts families, high school students as well as BC college students. If you are planning to go for weekend brunch or dinner on Friday or Saturday, leave yourself about 30 minutes time to wait upon arriving. Also pay attention to the daily specials on the front of the menu, they often offer seasonal or gluttonous items that are not to be missed.

If you can handle the trip to the 'burbs, Johnny's is well worth the travel.

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