90210: Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

Let me begin by saying when I read 90210 was taking season 2 in a new direction, and that direction included cutting Ethan, I was skeptical. Actually, I was pissed.

Now, 4 episodes in, I am completely in love! Bravo, season 2! You are killin' it!

In this week's episode Navid is flying high after finally going all the way with Adriana. While he is busy beaming, Teddy continues to plot his take over. Teddy suggests a double date, which results in a Teddy/Adriana make out in the restaurant bathroom! Naughty, naughty!

Also in hot water is Dixon, whose true identity has been revealed to Sasha and she is fuming. Dixon gives one final door step plea, but Sasha is not budging. . . until the final scene, when she caves and they are back between the sheets! I must say, that was unexpected!

Liam, who wants to come clean to Naomi, doesn't get the chance this episode, but he does bond with Mr. Matthews. A touching story line for the usually tortured soul.

Speaking of tortured souls, Annie continues to be haunted by her hit and run accident. She attempts to overcome the guilt by befriending the victim's nephew, who is creepy and clearly fond of her. I feel he is going to take a turn toward Stalkerville in the coming episodes.

Silver also gets dealt a poor hand this episode when her alcoholic mother confesses she has cancer. Just as Silver was ready to cut Jackie out of her life once and for all, life throws a big wrench. A really big, c-word wrench.

Despite all the doom and gloom this episode, there was one fantastic story line! Naomi's attempts to get into California University by wooing the dean's son. Naomi poses as a politically active environmentalist to cozy up to the dean's son. Meanwhile, his hot, football player roommate hits on her, and she has to fake her idealism, rather than give into his flirtation! I feel your pain, Nay.

Here's hoping next week brings more drama, unexpected hook ups and break ups, and perhaps a meltdown or two.

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