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While on vacation in Miami this weekend I read a book titled "Love is a Mix Tape." The book tells the story of how Rob falls in love with Renee, through memories attached to songs on a stack of mix tapes.

The author, Rob Sheffield, is a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. He lives and breathes music. He found his musical match in Renee, a Southern spitfire who could not have been more different than his Boston born, Irish Catholic self. The two bond over favorite bands, seeing live music and the way sharing music with another person can be the best and most vulnerable way to share yourself.

Sheffield has a way of describing how a song can take you back to a certain time unlike anything else. How when you hear those first notes you can remember what you were wearing, what the weather was like, the smells around you and how you felt the first time you heard it. He poignantly puts into words a feeling that is often indescribable.

"Love is a Mix Tape" is about people connecting, making memories, and reliving those times with the simple push of the button that reads "play."

This book will touch you and make you rethink chucking those old tapes.

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