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My first memory of a cup of tea was in the movie "Alice and Wonderland". Alice went to an "unbirthday" party where the table was covered in tea cups of different sizes and colors, portraying a dining room table unlike any I had ever seen. I was fascinated.

As an adult, I relive that fascination a few times each year in New York City at a place called Alice's Tea Cup, where the waitresses wear fairy wings, and the only items on the menu are tea, finger sandwiches, scones and cookies. Its the most divine type of girly.

Now thanks to several tea-inspired jewelry designers, I don't have to wait for my next trip to N.Y.C. to conjure up the whimsy of my dear friend Alice's adventure, I can simply wear it!

Check out these funky pieces discovered by

Careful, they're a little hot!


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